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click to find your shortsWelcome to Galley City. Clocktower Books, a pioneer global Internet and digital publisher in San Diego since 1996, has rolled out its innovative new ARC program in November 2018. You'll find our staff busily at work, including Galley Kitty and Galley Dog (on their break at the moment—see below). This is a new/old concept, and I'm having a great time with it; more info soon. No telling what it may grow into over time.

Start Reading: Today's Featured Novel*The Bookstore Metaphor: Innovative New ARC Program In today's glutted market, we're returning to the HTML Novel to reach readers. Clocktower Books pioneered free reading online starting in 1996 (see the Clocktower Books Museum Site for more info). First there were p-books, then e-books, and now we have HTML Novels. What's the Bookstore Metaphor? Click for new site: Bookstore Metaphor (read Index, About, and FAQ pages). I now have about 35 novels plus poems & shorter stories on line; nonfiction soon. Happy Reading! Please remember: I own all the copyrights, so no filching. Also, please help by giving a positive review if any, tell your friends, post on social media, and (gasp) for the price of a cup of coffee, buy the e-book if you liked it. Or, if you didn't like it and bought it, simply return for your money back, and we all move on; no fuss, no muss. It's all good. After all, this is laid-back San Diego with sunshine, balmy breezes, palm trees, and rustling ocean surf; less stress, no mess, God Bless.

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Meet Galley Kitty and Galley Dog, both tuckered out from reading. Who would naturally be a hero at Galley City? Why, Galley Kitty of course… and trusty Galley Dog. More from these and other furry friends soon! (Furry, fuzzy, fluffy, friendly… the list goes on.)


SPECIAL: FIRE at NOTRE DAME de PARIS CATHEDRAL As the whole world knows, a devastating fire consumed parts of this world heritage site on the Île de Paris at the heart of Paris. By amazing coincidence, I published a romantic novel in 2017, set in Paris, titled Paris Affaire. It's the love story of 'a young Poet and his Angel in the City of Light.' As a U.S. and European (Luxembourgeois) dual citizen, I have been to Paris many times in my travels around Europe, including Notre Dame Cathedral. The fire was a personal blow to me, as to many people in Paris, in Europe, and around the world. As it happens, that cathedral and its bells play a significant role in the novel…so I retitled it The Bells of Notre Dame out of nostalgia and celebration, and republished it (under its new title) in the days after the fire. I think you'll enjoy reading it, especially as you hear those magnificent bells ringing in your imagination during critical events in the plot. I'll say no more, to avoid spoilers. Visit the dedicated website for my novel The Bells of Notre Dame (not a Galley City book).

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