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San Diego Author of 50+ books: Jean-Thomas Cullen, also writing genre fiction as John Argo; as John T. Cullen he also writes thrillers and nonfictionWelcome to my World. I've been active online as an author and publisher since 1996. This is my webplex, including the Clocktower Books Museum with links dating to 1996.

Today: Focus on Fiction and Nonfiction Writing. Today, my focus has narrowed (largely away from publishing) to my far longer-standing role, and true mission in life, as a poet and author. For historical purposes, and to support a few long-term author friends, I maintain valuable Internet and publishing history at the Clocktower Books and Clocktower Books Museum sites, my primary passion now is for writing and publishing my own fiction and nonfiction projects. While I've had a few books released by New York publishers, my focus has been on remaining a my independence as a small press publisher in San Diego, California.

Concept: Webplex. Since the 1990s, I've pursued a concept I call the webplex, which I envision as a form of web publishing based on multiple websites linked closely and thematically. This is my webplex (formerly called Metro Webplex), where I invite you to navigate through a hierarchy of linked sites and folders that logically display my ideas and writings. I'm not sure what the ultimate effect will be on SEO (Site Engine Optimization) but I've always felt that I have too much material to pack into a single site. Please be aware that as you step through my webplex, you will navigate across various folders and websites (subsites?).

Quick Background. I've been a Web publishing pioneer for a long time (approaching a quarter century). I was placed on this earth to be a poet and author (aside from husband, father, son, friend, and all the other good things of life). As I approach 70 years in life, my focus has narrowed to my far longer-standing role as a poet and author. I was a published poet at 18 and completed my first real novel at 19, so I've been at this for a long time. Along the road, I've been a newspaper reporter, U.S. Army soldier (peacetime, Cold War vintage, five years in USAREUR), editor, essayist, and technical writer. I have a BA in English and two business degrees including an MS from Boston University with emphases in Computer Systems Development and Accounting/Finance. I have lived and worked (not just visited) in multiple countries in Europe and North America, am multilingual, and hold dual U.S.-E.U. citizenships. Among other things, I've translated Goethe's Faust from German into English, written a tour of ancient Rome, and followed my historical and science passions in writing topical nonfiction articles.


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