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Author of 40+ books: John Argo is the SFFH pseudonym of Jean-Thomas Cullen or John T. CullenAuthor: John T. Cullen. To date, I have published (and continue working hard as a researcher, journalist, novelist, essayist, and history writer) over fifty books plus articles (fiction and nonfiction) online under three major pseudonyms.

Names I write under my real (birth) name Jean-Thomas Cullen, and under my Web pseud John Argo (SFFH), in addition to my commonly used English language handle (for convenience) John T. Cullen. The name John Argo reflects the sense of wonder I felt in 1996 as I started publishing my novels and other work online (more info at the Clocktower Books Museum site). Argo, you may recall, was the ship in Classical mythology on which Jasonand the Argonauts (Argo-sailors) journeyed into fabulous adventures around the Aegean Sea thousands of years ago. That was the sense of wonder about the early Web (Internet) before phishing, hacking, viruses, and other criminality arrived (essentially, with Web commerce around thetime the millennium dawned). I write in many areas (fiction and nonfiction) and try to keep order by separating my work under name/product labels, broadly thus:

Jean-Thomas Cullen: Poetry and Mainstream fiction.
John T. Cullen: Nonfiction Books & Articles; Reading Room;
John T. Cullen: Fiction/thrillers: Active Member, International Thriller Writers (ITW);
John Argo: Science Fiction—Empire of Time Series (future history);
John Argo: Science Fiction—DarkSF Series (describes most literary SF*);
John Argo: Suspense & Genre Fiction; includes history making firsts online**;

Degrees. I hold three college degrees, including a BA in English (University of Connecticut); a BBA in Computer Information Systems and Accounting (National University); and an M.S. in Business Administration, Boston University (earned while serving honorably six years on Active Duty overseas with the U.S. Army). I speak several languages, having lived and worked in several countries over many years; and have translated among languages including English, German, Latin, and Luxemburgish. My biggest translation job has been translating Goethe's Faust I from German into English. I am a husband and father living in San Diego, California.

*DarkSF (my term) does not mean horror or grue; it means the rich, atmospheric literary effects, best described for example in reference to Ridley Scott's movies (e.g. Blade Runner), or in Cordwainer Smith's unique short stories; most good SF is rich, dark, artistic, atmospheric; I will discuss this on a webpage soon.
**First Starting early 1996, I was almost certainly the first person in history to publish entire (not partial) novels online (Proprietary, not public domains, so flush Gutenberg on that one); to be read online in HTML, not carried on portable media like CD or floppies (see Museum and Heritage Websites).


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