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Why is this a San Diego Book?

= Neon Blue =

(or: Girl, Unlocked—a history making novel)

John Argo's Neon Blue, published online in 1996, is the story of young Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt, a new DEA agent in Manhattan. she is plunged into a deadly drug investigation involving an international smuggling ring from Colombia. Her investigation takes her coast to coast from New York and Connecticut to Chicago and San Diego.

In the process, she falls in love with two attractive persons. One is John Connor, millionaire importer and former fashion model, a real ladies' man who is searching for deeper meaning in life. The other is a breathtakingly beautiful, lesbian San Diego police detective named Martha Yee. Which will she choose in this triangle of temptation? She can't wait long to think because a razor slasher is after her and the new man in her life, John Connor.

Neon Blue was the world's first true online e-book for reading online in HTML format rather than on portable media such as floppies. It is proprietary (owned by the author) rather than public domain, which sets it entirely apart from public domain material published by Project Gutenberg.

It was released in an innovative format of weekly serial chapters, one each Sunday evening for over a year, to resounding kudos from readers around the world. See the Clocktower Books Museum site for more info.

Titles. The original title was (and still is) Neon Blue, based on an incident in an early draft, now lost. We retained the title because it evokes rainy, neon cities filled with night time adventures and detective work, especially by a cool, pretty but hard-hitting young cop with a gun and a badge who nearly gets herself killed whacking an international drug ring with coast to coast networks and Colombian cartel connections. Along the way, she saves the life of her new love interest, John Connor, a former male fashion model turned millionaire import-export retailer. Along the way, she also has to triangulate the ambivalence of her love life. She is a young woman who deals with life by separating the problems in her life, locking them away in boxes under secure emotional padlocks. Only now, on the run for her life, torn between Martha Yee and John Connor, she is the immoveable object struck by the irresistable force. She finds that all her emotional lock boxes are suddenly open, and the padlocks strewn about. She's a girl, unlocked.


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