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Coming Soon: Yaayyyy. Over the years, I have managed to gather flower petals of praise from various sources. Coming soon: some of these. (posted July 2017). Added (Aug 2017) This turned into a lot more than I'd planned—JTC.

Coronado Mystery. John T. Cullen's research into, and books about, the famous 1892 gaslamp true crime and ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego continues to garner attention. We have a dedicated website with press coverage.

Luxembourg Thriller. John T. Cullen's progressive thriller Valley of Seven Castles (world's first progressive thriller, starring two San Diego heroes, Rick Buchan and Hannah Smith) has begun garnering attention in Europe. Here's the dedicated website and a full-page article in the Culture section of Luxembourg's national newspaper (Luxemburger Wort or Luxembourg Word). Published 16 August 2017, it's in German. The title and subtitle translate as: "Luxembourg Is A Part Of Me; How the American Author John T. Cullen Came to Write the Luxembourg Thriller *Valley of Seven Castles*.

Something Radically New (late 1990s). We received rave reviews from amazed and grateful readers around the world. Many of these we have on file, and will republish online soon. Before e-books, before e-commerce, John T. Cullen was publishing his novels online. His novels, including Neon Blue by John Argo (suspense); Heartbreaker (retitled This Shoal of Space in 1998) by John Argo (SF); Pioneers by John Argo (SF); and The Generals of October by John T. Cullen (political thriller novel about CON2 or a Second Constitutional Convention) were among his first novels published directly online (not on portable media); in HTML for reading online; entire (not samples or teasers); and properietary. That last point is critical, because some individuals who do not think critically fail to realize that Gutenberg (Cullen conversed online with the late Michael Hart) only deals in public domain material. Cullen placed at least half a dozen novels and stories of his own personal intellectual property online, something nobody on earth or in history had ever done before. See also the Clocktower Books Museum Site for a developing body of historical information.

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. As kindly noted by British anthologist Mike Ashley, our pioneering first-of-a-kind digital SFFH magazine made history starting with first light/hello world on 15 April 1998. Here is the ESF entry for Far Sector SFFH, our magazine's final iteration. In all, the magazine (which paid SFWA[*] professional rates, obeyed all SFWA rules for a professional magazine, and published many top authors and SFWA executive officers) had a nice run of ten years from 1998 to 2007. For example, our Museum lists a page salvaged from a 26 June 1998 archive page at Locus, where we are listed as a brand-new magazine called Outside (Mike Ashley discusses the early title, etc.). We were also listed in Matt Hayes' Spicy Green Iguana pubs list (see same archive page). We had late night email conversations with such Web denizens as John O'Neill (founder of The SF Site) and Ellen Datlow (then editor of the online magazine Event Horizon after Omni folded). To say the least, we were part of Internet and digital publishing history at the very early dawn and genesis.

Encyclopedia Britannica (online). In 1998, a friend of mine called to tell me great news: he had found mention of our innovative new web publishing company Clocktower Fiction online, at none other than the online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. I think it's long gone and may not even be retrievable (who knows) but it was a cherishable moment.

More to come… I'll post more kudos as I find them. I just found a folder of hastily printed emails from around the world, dating to 1997 and 1998, praising our online publications including the magazine and the John Argo stories.


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