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Here is a quick outline sketch of my writing time line and the four major places where I've done virtually all of my writing. New Haven and Storrs count as one place (Connecticut) in this recitation. More info soon.

San Diego Author. Since 1974, I have made my home in San Diego, where I participated in the early Web publishing revolution (starting 1996 and we're not done yet by a long shot). San Diego is the setting for some of my fiction, and the place where I've written most of it. More info soon.

Luxembourg Author. I spent much of my childhood in Luxembourg (1950s) where the writing bug first bit. I was writing poems by age seven (as soon as I became handy with writing & reading).

New Haven Author (and Storrs). We moved to New Haven,Conn. when my father retired from the US Army in 1960, and I wrote most of my poetry in Connecticut (in New Haven and at the University of Connecticut) except for a small residual body (the final ones) in Kaiserslautern.

Kaiserslautern. While stationed on active duty with the U.S. Army in Kaiserslautern (1975-1980) I worked very hard (Hon. Dis., GCM, ARCOM). As a young guy, I used my free time both to travel extensively and yet to stay home, often going back to the office at night to write fiction and poetry. I also earned a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University's Overseas Division, Heidelberg. I'm never one to waste time.

Global Author. With my Luxembourg suspense thriller novel Valley of Seven Castles (world's first Progressive Thriller) in 2016 I finally became a European author again. I plan to write more Luxembourg and Europe based fiction.


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