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= Selected San Diego Works =

Writing as John T. Cullen: Nonfiction (True History)

Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado
Coronado Mystery (2 in 1)
=(Dead Move (nonfiction) + Lethal Journey (novel)

Writing as John T. Cullen - Fiction (Mystery)

Lethal Journey (Gaslamp Mystery)

Writing as John T. Cullen - Fiction (Suspense Thrillers)

Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller
Doctor Night
Terror in my Arms
Neon Blue

Writing as John Argo: DarkSF (Science Fiction)

Doom Spore
This Shoal of Space; Also: (alternate cover)

Writing as John Argo: Empire of Time (Science Fiction)

Time Train

Writing as John Argo (Fantasy)

Ghosts and the City #1
Ghosts and the City #2

More San Diego-Coronado related titles are in work, while this site (and webplex) remain under construction but we're getting there…


Some of these books are set in San Diego, while a few (e.g., Valley of Seven Castles) may be set elsewhere but have San Diego characters; and one (This Shoal of Space) is set in a fictitious Southern California town called San Tomas, just up the coast somewhere hidden in and out of a thick marine layer fog.