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Continued from main page… These pages may seem a little repetitious at the moment, but I'm rebuilding my entire webplex (nearly a quarter century of work) and it will take a little time to finish. Thanks for bearing with me.

San Diego Author of 50+ books: Jean-Thomas Cullen, also writing genre fiction as John Argo; as John T. Cullen he also writes thrillers and nonfictionWelcome to my World. World is a good way to put it. I've lived, worked, and traveled in many places across Europe and North America. I've been a San Diegan for nearly half a century, and in that time I've written many stories, nonfiction books, and articles with a San Diego focus. On this website, I'm going to explore that aspect of my life and our world. (Continued)

Also… I've done the major parts of my life's work in four places: Luxembourg, where I lived as a child with my mother and her parents; Connecticut (New Haven and Storrs) where I lived as an adolescent, college student, and for a time as a starving artist before packing it all up and driving to California; Kaiserslautern, where I was stationed with the U.S. Army for five years during the Cold War; more recently in San Diego, where I happily make my home. I love traveling (we recently returned from a long trip for business and pleasure across the heart of Europe) but I'm happiest calling San Diego my home base. And that is where I continue full steam ahead with many further exciting fiction and nonfiction books and articles…

I've been active online as an author and publisher since 1996, and as a published poet and professional author long before that. This is my webplex, including the Clocktower Books Museum with links dating to 1996. For more about my overall work as an author, please visit my personal author website (

San Diego Dreaming

San Diego and Coronado. A picture is worth a thousand words…but words also make a story, and more words coming soon.

Wonderland: San Diego & Coronado