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READ OVER A MILLION WORDS FREE. The most successful ongoing part of this webplex (about 30 linked sites) is Galley City, where you can join thousands of readers around the world in sampling my fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Most of the poetry and short stories (fiction) and short articles (nonfiction, moved to Galley City News) are free. I've published about 40 books so far, most of them available in both e-book (Kindle) and print book (Amazon) editions. Here's the deal: since 1996, when I began publishing online (pioneering the HTML novel among other things), I found that readers love to get a long sample before they commit to buying. By the time you've read half a novel, you know in your heart if you want to really know how it ends. So here's the deal:

Best & Safest Deal in Town

READ HALF FREE/TRY-BUY. It's the best deal in town, and you're safe and secure with Amazon. I collect no data. No cookies, no money, no info, not even a breath mint. You read for hours, for days, anonymously at Galley City. If you like a book, buy the e-book for the price of a cup of coffee (usually about $2.99). Can't beat that… coffee is gone in minutes, but the e-book stays with you forever. Print editions: think of it like adding a sandwich, depending on the length. To learn more and start reading, visit Galley City  now.

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