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Autumn Planet

Five Special Fall & Winter Websites For You

O N D J B (linked; see below)

click to visit the five Autumn Planet websites starting with October MoodFavorite Writer/Reader Time of Year. Growing up in New England, I came to love the four seasons that are nowhere on earth more powerful. Each season has its special aspects, but for the writer in me, nothing matched Fall (as we call Autumn). Fall has long been my most productive and profoundly 'emo' time of year. A lot of my writing has seasonal themes, and autumn is usually a catharsis for me. So I had fun creating a subplex of linked websites including the following, which I want to share with readers everywhere. Each has a bit of my writing linked from it, and the set (ONDJ) has its own little bookshop.

Ray Bradbury Note. I think Ray Bradbury was a seasonal kind of guy also, as his wonderful writing attests. I shared a couple of (fan mail) letters with him during his/my life. He always graciously responded. In particular, as you'll notice on the December (Christmas) website, he sent me a rave (fan mail!) praising my dark holiday fantasy The Christmas Clock. It's not a children's book. But think: if Ray Bradbury loved it (his word), why don't you read & enjoy it? Like most of my work, you can read half free at Galley City. If you like it, you can buy the whole book if you wish. The Kindle e-book is usually priced about like a cup of coffee (inexpensive). If worst comes to worst and you're unhappy, return it and get your money back. It's all very easy. By the way, that image of the moon and leaves at night evokes a fond memory in me of reading Ray Bradbury's stories.

The Five Sites. There's one for each month starting with October, plus there is an autumn bookstore with my stories in it. Pick any one of these sites—they are linked together as one subplex within my larger webplex of at least 40 websites.

  • October Mood: one little short story (buy here or read free at Galley City);
  • Autumn Planet: At least two short stories (Ghosts And The City);
  • Christmas Novel: The Christmas Clock (Ray Bradbury loved it);
  • New Year's Eve: YANAPOP is the wildest, craziest frolic you'll ever read;
  • Holidays Bookshop: assorted Holiday reading by me.

Happy Reading! Click the planet image above to visit the October Mood website, and start browsing/reading/enjoying. The months are ONDJ (October, November, December, and I threw in New Year's Eve as January).


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